About the Girl

Well, hey there!  My name is Deanna, but many people call me Dee. Feel free to call me either. I answer to both.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog. I am happy you are here.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I was born and raised in the north, and then transplanted in the south almost half my life ago. After moving to the Atlanta area, I worked as a nanny as I attended college. During that time, I met my husband. A couple of years later, we married. I taught in the public school system for a few years after graduating until I had my first child. It wasn’t the original plan, but I ended up staying home with him. By the time my third child came along, I had been introduced to the world of homesteading. I dabbled in it and discovered that I wanted more of that lifestyle. We sold our house in a subdivision and purchased a place sitting on a little more than five acres, thus issuing in a full time homesteading lifestyle.  I have only been at this a short while but I have experienced a lot of the ups and downs in homesteading already. I’ve had to learn, grow and adapt to the ever changing ebb and flow of homesteading. I’m finding that even though simplifying is rewarding, it isn’t always easy.

I would like to share my reflections on this lifestyle with you, along with my successes and learning experiences. Some may call those learning experiences, failures, but I don’t want to call them that. We learn from our mistakes and that’s not bad at all, right? I may even share things that aren’t homesteading related, because, well…my life isn’t all homesteading. Maybe my thoughts and experiences will be of help to you with where you are at, or at the very least, amusing to you. Whatever you get out of visiting with me, I want to thank you for the opportunity to sit and talk with you for a bit. Being able to to share my story with you is a privilege.

~ Dee